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7 days/ 6 nights (170 - 190 km skiing)
Ski tour for group of min. 6 pax.
Season : March - April 2008


Day 1 Friday
Transfer from Irkutsk to "Pereezd" train staition (Transsib railway), 70km.
Nice skiing (down) along valley of the Angasolka river (Baikal national park, siberian taiga forest) to Baikal Lake,17 km ,and then 10 km along the shore to the "Old Angasolka" station.
The Round Baikal Railway is the unique monument of railway engineering architecture (39 tonnels along the way 84 km) at the end of XIX century. Now this part of railway is used only by tourists and local people (one or two trains per day). Accommodation in Tourist base (very simple conditions, sleeping bags are necessary), russian sauna (banya).
Acclimatization day, luggage transportation included.

coming to Baikal (bridge on the Round Baikal Railway) skiing to 'Angasolka' station

Day 2 Saturday
Transfer by exursion train "Old Angasolka" - "Shumiha" station (about 30 km). Skiing to "Angara-Baikal" station, 20 km.
Accommodation in Tourist base "Angara-Baikal". It is possible to reach "Angara-Baikal" station by train (without skiing).
Acclimatization day, luggage transportation included.

Day 3 Sunday
Crossing Baikal to the opposite bay close to Vydrino settlement with two snowmobile (luggage transportation), 50 km. It is possible to take in tow in case somebody tired...
Accommodation in Tourist base.

Tourist base Vydrino Vydrino

Ice Palace Day 4 Monday
Skiing across Baikal from Vydrino to the "Ice Palace" (105 degree meridian, in the middle of the Lake), 40 km.
Accommodation in heated tent, snowmobile luggage support.

Day 5 Tuesday
Skiing "Ice Palace" -B. Koty settlement, 30 km.
Accommodation in wooden house "Prospector's Refuge" or Tourist Base, sauna.

Ice Camp B.Koty settlement

the Round Baikal Railway Day 6 Wednesday
Skiing across the pass "Black" (Primorsky ridge, siberian taiga forest) to Lisvianka settlement, 20 km ,luggage transportation.
Accommodation in Hotel\Guesthouse, sauna.

Day 7 Thursday
Listvianka is 70 kilometers away from Irkutsk.

  • visit of the private vendors market site on the boat station of the village where you can see various souvenirs and smoked and salted fish on sale.
  • a guided tour to Baikal Ecological Museum (for extra pay).
  • visit Russian Orthodox church of Saint Nicolas the wonderworker.
    Transfer to Irkutsk with visiting Taltsy - a museum of old Russian wooden architecture in the open air. There is a numerous number of ethnographical and architectural sightseeing in the museum.
    Arrival to Irkutsk.
  • Price:
    1250 EUR/p.p. for group of 6 pax
  • Accommodation according to the program (7 days/6 nights)
  • Transfers according to the program
  • 1 Ski guide (English speaking)
  • 2 Guides-drivers
  • 2 snowmobiles with sledges for luggage
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Heated tent
  • kitchen equipment
  • GPS
  • satellite phone (for emergency)
  • Visits to sauna (where it is possible)
  • Visum support
  • Not included :
  • Ski equipment (sticks,backcountry skis, bindings, boots)
  • Sleeping bags and mats
  • Warm clothes
  • Health Insurance
  • e-mail:

      phone: +7 (499) 126-9119
      fax: +7 (499) 126-1136

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