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BAIKAL LAKE (May - August 2007)

From the North to the South (10 days)

Travel Dates: weekly on Sunday from Moscow


Day 1. Departure from Moscow in the evening (5,5 hours flight).

Day 2. Arrival to Irkutsk (in the morning). Transfer to hotel.
City-tour by bus with guide, in the evening – free time.

Day 3. Transfer to the river port “Raketa”. 8:20 – departure from Irkutsk to Severobaikalsk by boat (it will takes 12 hours). This way is very beautiful: Baikalski mountains, bays, island Olkhon and etc. Arrival to Severobaikalsk at 19:20. Accommodation at private hotel (cottages).

Irkutsk drama theatre To the Severobaikalsk by boat

Day 4. Excursion to the hot spring near river Goutgikit by bus. The beautiful road pass through taiga and along railway BAM. Return for dinner. After dinner excursion to the picture-gallery and museum BAM in Severobaikalsk.

Day 5. Bus excursion to Sludianie Lakes (25 km from the city, close to Baikal Lake). Walking trip on the path along the lake and climb of the mountain, on the top of which are located mica mines. Prisoners used to extract mica there in 30th. This is one of the rare places when one can see the remains of Stalin’s camp: ground houses strengthened with the tree trunks, where prisoners used to live all year round (they were even not guarded as it was considered that it is impossible to escape from the camp), mines supported by tree trunks, small rail trolleys, etc. One can take piece of mica as a keepsake. The top of the mountain is a beautiful viewpoint of Baikal Lake. Lunch on the lakes, the water is warm enough to swim.

Stalin's camp Sludianie Lakes and Baikal

Day 6. Traveling by boat or yacht along the shore with picnic.

Day 7. Boat from Severobaikalsk to port Baikal, ferry over the source of Angara river to Listvianka – village on the beach of the Baikal. Accommodation at the private house-hotel.

Day 8. Visit to the museum of Nature of Baikal. Art gallery. Ascent to viewpoint mountain Cherski Stone, nice view of the Angara source and Shaman Stone. For the extra payment - boat to the Listvinichnij bay, to the Krugobaikalskya railway (it is called – open sky museum)

Art gallery in Listvianka

Day 9. Transfer Listvianka - Irkutsk by bus with visiting architectural museum – nature reserve Talsi (Siberian and Buriatish villages).

Day 10. Transfer to the airport. Departure from Irkutsk, arrival to Moscow in the morning.


Accommodation with FB (double room), transfers, guide service, visa support.


  • Accommodation in Moscow before and after the tour.
Another version
  • Flight from Severobaikalsk to Ulan-Ude (1 hour), visit to Ivolginskiy Buddhism monastery (50 km from Ulan-Ude). This is the center of Buddhism religion in Russia. Return way to Irkutsk from Ulan-Ude by Transsiberian train.
Buddhism monastery


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